Sparrow ArtSpace – Call for Artists


Panel One has been given an incredible opportunity to give our members an art residency at Sparrow ArtSpace for the month of October 2024. Sparrow Artspace, located in the historic DeWaal Building in Bridgeland, Calgary, is a thriving community-focused arts nest dedicated to fostering creativity, collaboration, and community engagement. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting diverse creative endeavours, we are excited to propose a residency program tailored specifically for Panel One Comics Society.


  • Applications open  on June 2
  • Application close on July 15
  • Email notification and contract will be on July 17
  • Payment and contract is due by July 24
  • Drop off of materials – TBD
  • Pick up of materials – TBD

Art Residency Components

There are 5 main components of this art residency:

Artists in Residency

  • This is open for up to 15 members and involves having studio space for the month of October in Sparrow ArtSpace. Members will be accepted on a “first-applied, first-accepted” basis. Following the filling of spaces, we will begin a waitlist.
  • The artists in residence are welcome to use the space as a temporary studio and to bring comic and art-related resources to share with the other residents. 
  • The participation fee for the residency is $60.00 


  • The art exhibition is open to ALL Panel One Members
  • the art exhibition aims to put a spotlight on original comic book pages. So often finished comic pages end up in a drawer or shoved into a portfolio. The exhibition is open to all panel one members to put in a framed comic book page that they are most proud of.
  • All artwork will be displayed on the walls for the month of October and includes an opening reception. 
  • Artwork can or cannot be for sale, up to the artists own discretion. 25% of all sales goes to Sparrow Artspace

Shifts at Sparrow ArtSpace & Social Media

  • As members of the residency, you would be required to be at the space for a minimum of 2 shifts (Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11 to 6). 
  • These are Sparrow ArtSpaces open hours and they require at least one person to be there during these times. 
  • Additional days or times, outside these hours, can be accommodated on a by-request basis. 
  • Duties for a shift include: being open to the public, and handling sales of any artwork or comic books.
  • Creators who are using the space will be required to share 1 post leading up to the residency and 3 posts/stories during the residency on their social media channels to generate awareness. 

Optional add-ons


  • If you are one of the artists in residency, you are welcome to use your time in the space to host your own workshops. All workshops must be reviewed by Panel One and Sparrow ArtSpace before the workshop takes place. If you are charging for your workshop 25% of the ticket sales goes to Sparrow ArtSpace. If your workshop runs on donations or a “pay what you can” method, then all sales goes to you.
  • Panel One Comics Society believes in making comics accessible to everyone. If you propose a workshop with a ticket price, the ticket price must only be to cover expenses of materials and the commission price to Sparrow ArtSpace.
  • Panel One Comics Society will set up your workshop through Eventbrite and will advertise on our social media channels. 

Pop-up Comic Shop: 

  • A section of Sparrow ArtSpace will be dedicated to a Pop-up comic shop where all Panel One members are invited to leave their comics for sale. 
  • 25% of all sales go to Sparrow ArtSpace. 
  • Deductions will be made for Square’s processing fees – for more information visit Square’s website. 


1. Transform Sparrow Artspace into a vibrant comics hub.

2. Provide dedicated studio space for Panel One Comics Society members.

3. Showcase a dynamic comics art exhibition open to the public.

4. Establish a pop-up shop featuring indie comics, zines, books, and merchandise created by Panel One members.

5. Offer workshops and events focused on comics and related art forms.

6. Foster a collaborative environment where members can work individually or in groups.


Payment for participation in the Art Residency program 

Panel One Comics Society is coordinating the payment for our Art Residency at Sparrow ArtSpace. 100% of your payment of $60.00 to participate is there to cover the expense Panel One has agreed to with Sparrow ArtSpace. 

Payment will be done through e-transfer. Cash or cheque payment can be made by request. 

Payout from art and pop-up shop sales

Panel One Comics Society is coordinating the payment to both creators and Sparrow ArtSpace for activities. Panel One will issue you a receipt of sales and deductions with an e-transfer within 30 days of the final day at Sparrow ArtSpace. 

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