Sketch Sessions: Speech Bubbles

Saturday, May 25 | 1 – 3 pm

Central Library, Room 3-10 A – 

Join Sketch Sessions for SPEECH BUBBLES. Our session lead, Nicole Gruszecki, is here to guide discussions and skill-sharing. Together, we will explore speech bubbles and how they are essential to crafting comics. We will look at the stylistic choices we make as creators. You will learn about the many resources and source materials about speech bubbles and have a chance to practice with a few catchphrases.

THIS SESSION IS HELD AT THE CENTRAL LIBRARY IN ROOM 3-10A. Due to room capacity, we require registration for this event.

Skill-sharing session

This is a skill and resource-sharing session. Do you have an amazing resource for information on speech bubbles? Please bring it and share it with the group!

We also encourage you to bring digital or physical art tools, such as (but not limited to):

  • Tablet & stylus
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Markers