Sketch Session: Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs

Celebrate the start of summer with Sketch Sessions at the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs. Starting at the labyrinth, we will take an adventure into the gardens to create beautiful art. Drawing botanical gardens will help develop your observation skills, attention to detail and an understanding of plant anatomy. And who doesn’t love an excuse to draw in the sun!

In this skill-building session, you can work with whatever medium you feel most comfortable with, from charcoal to watercolours to digital tools. Please bring what you are comfortable with as drawing tools will not be supplied.

This event is open to everyone, whether you are an experienced artist or just a beginner! We’re here to have fun and build skills in a collaborative and creative environment.

While this event is free, registration is required.

Date: June 29, 2024

Time: 1pm

Where to join us:

From the parking lot, follow the signage to the Labyrinth and meet our session host, Nicole Gruszecki.

We will depart from the Labyrinth shortly after 1 pm and recommend session attendees arrive on time.

What to bring

  • Your drawing tools – pen/pencil, paper, water colours, etc.
  • Drinks – stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle or drinks
  • Backpack or bag to carry your supplies in
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Sunblock, hat, sunglasses and/or other ways to protect yourself from the sun