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The Panel One Comic Creator Festival, or #P1CCF, is a celebration and exhibition of homegrown Canadian comic creators and their work. Join us for the festivities including: make-your-own comics for kids, creative art and writing workshops as well as the opportunity to support your local comic and sequential arts community. Admission is $5, $2 with a non-perishable food donation and kids 12 and under are free.

The venue is Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre. 1320 5th Ave NW. Which is in Kensington, a stones throw from Another Dimension Comics store on 14th. Doors open from 12pm till 7pm.

Watch this space and keep an eye on the Facebook event for frequent updates as we get closer to the big day!

  • A list of creators exhibiting at the festival

Chelsea Crutchley

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Are you ready for Panel One Comic Creator Festival? We’re going to start showcasing the creators who will be at the festival! First up is Chelsea Crutchley!

Inspired by traveling and a childhood full of books, Chelsea enrolled in the Alberta College of Art + Design to learn how to bring stories to life. After graduating, it was time to decide which story to tell. Her current project is Stray Sod, combining Irish folklore with the journey of a self-indulgent teen who must leave her comfort zone to find the missing sister she can’t forgive. Will she learn the empathy she needs to navigate the world of Irish fae and bring peace to her family? Pick up an issue at the festival!

Robbie G

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Robbie G is the writer of comics like Stan with Nicole Gruszecki, Wild Rose County with Shae Motz, and the artist of Space is the Place with Joey Gruszecki, as well as writing and drawing String Dancers.

Finishing his first novel Drag the Lake… in 2015 he is in the process of publishing soon. Any time not spent writing or drawing, Rob plays guitar and sings in Ghost Factory and hosts Rob & Eric’s Punk Rock Sing-a-long Fun Time at the Ship & Anchor. He hopes you can be friends.

Asher J Klassen

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Next up in our featured list and joining us for the Panel One Comic Creator Festival is Asher J Klassen!

Equal parts cartoonist and academic, Asher emerged from six years of undergrad comics study to discover that his work is disctinctly lacking in direction. He’s given up on autobio (he lacks the necessary narcissism for the task) and retreated into the comfort zone of political cartooning, driven by a dry sense of humour and ever-increasing cynicism about legal authority and the censorship of societal discourse. His other recent work has involved close collaboration with writer A. David Lewis, including a comics-form adaptation of Lewis’s 2015 Eisner Award-nominated American Comics, Literary Theory, and Religion: The Superhero Afterlife.

Nick Johnson

PanelOne Calgary's photo.
Now we are going to hear a little more about Nick Johnson. Be sure to come to the Panel One Comic Creator Festival to check out his work!

Nick Johnson graduated from the Illustration program of the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2013 and has been freelancing and comic book making ever since. Long before in fact! The artist of the Wolf Hands webcomic with Justin Heggs and the Fight Comics anthologies with Jason Mehmel, he recently contributed work and helped curate Wishless: A Graphic Anthology featuring Calgarian cartoonists. His day job is art directing the latest animated feature from New Machine Studios. He finds inspiration in horror films, spaghetti westerns, fashion mags and the ghosts of Utopia.

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

It’s time to share more bios of writers and artists who will be exhibiting their work at the Panel One Comic Creator Festival! Here’s Joey Gruszecki!

Joey writes things. Some of them are pretty good. The ones you can buy are called Midnight Feature (anthology of horrors with artists Matthew McGuigan and Hyde Forsythe), Space is the Place (crazy scifi madness with artist Rob Gruszecki) and The Secret Circus (a storybook, you know… for kids! with artist Nicole Gruszecki).

Nicole Gruszecki

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Next up on the list of the creators we have coming to the Panel One Comic Creator Festival, it’s time to meet Nicole Gruszecki

Nicole draws and paints things! These things include (but are not limited to) The Secret Circus (children’s storybook with writer Joey Gruszecki) and Stan (comic about hell’s janitor with writer Rob Gruszecki). All these can be yours at ‪#‎P1CCF‬

Jay Paulin

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

From the time Jay Paulin could put crayon to paper, he wanted to be a storyteller. He has worked in media departments, newsrooms, and other less savoury places. No matter where he went, he wrote and/or published stories. He still does, but now in the form of comic books.

Spooky ones, silly ones, ones that have united international talents in order to raise thousands for children’s charities, and even a few not-so-kid-friendly ones.

Justin Heggs

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Most comic creators with his small number of credits and credibility would tend to shy away from names like ‘Living Legend’, But that’s what makes the Living Legend Justin Heggs so special. Justin is best known for Co-Creating Wolf Hands with artist Nick Johnson and his short stories in the Midnight Feature anthology. Justin hopes to debut four new books at P1CCF this year, covering a wide range of the medium from a standard comic to a photo comic, a mini comic and a small zine.

“It’s amazing…It’s drawn by a guy named Nick Johnson, I don’t know the name of the writer”
-Ryan Browne about Wolf Hands on 11 O’clock podcast ep 323

Michael Hill

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Here’s Michael Hill!

Some may recognize the name Septembryo as the Calgary electro-rock band who write songs about ghosts, UFOs and other supernatural themes. Being one of the first musical acts to perform at the Calgary Comic Expo in 2012, the inspiration to expand on those themes lead frontman Michael 8 to the (super)natural decision to create a Septembryo comic book. Michael’s latest album, which serves as a soundtrack to the comic, has been called a “pro-blend of pop, rock and electro” by the Calgary Herald’s Mike Bell.

Roberto Duque

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Next up, Roberto Duque!

Roberto has been attached to a pencil from a very young age. When he thought Girls were a more worthwhile pursuit he abandoned his art. But when reality hit he went back to his first love. Ever since then its been lead stained hands and paper everywhere! Roberto has dipped his toes in script writing, television production, story board artist, comics, fashion (T-Shirts so don’t get too excited) and commission artwork. 2016 has become his banner year. He got his first professional comic job with illustrating the variant cover for Valiant Comics Faith #1. After years of work, his first creator owned graphic novel, Septembryo, was finally published this past spring during Calgary Comic Expo.

Gabriel Wong

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And the final bio for the members of the Septembryo crew, here is Gabriel Wong!

Wandering through the aisles of Calgary Expo 2010, Gabe had announced that he would be seated at the Artist Alley someday. Fast forward to 2011 Studio C&G was born and ready to exhibit. They started out as an “art” firm. They practiced a myriad of crafts, tried many different styles of art, and learned a lot of unconventional skills that continues to define how they do things today. Their refocus on creating sleek websites, to fluent copies, to captivating graphic designs, has created authentic brand experiences for their followers, fans, and future customers. Gabe’s art is now featured on the cover for the 2016 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Charity Art Book and is part of the art team for the Graphic Novel Septembryo!

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Outside of office hours, between binge-watching anime and leveling-up game characters, Kate Larking writes the Crash and Burn Comic, found at cb-comic.com, which is a finalist for this years Prix Aurora Awards. She also writes speculative fiction for both YA and adult markets. She is on the board aiming to make Panel One Comic Creator Festival a success, and has also cofounded Anxiety Ink, a community of writers dealing with the stress and challenges of writing.

Sam Hester

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Sam Hester is also attending the Panel One Comic Creators Festival! here’s some more about her:

Longtime Calgary indie comics creator Sam Hester presents the latest compilation of Sam Hester’s Ramsay, a monthly strip she’s been contributing to her community newsletter since 2012. Among Sam’s other Calgary-based autobiographical comics are oldies but goodies The Drawing Book, The Jumble and the child-inspired Alec’s Year Book series. But that’s not all! Hot off the presses, making its debut at Panel One’s first Comic Creator Festival: Post-Concussion Comics, or How I Spent a Month After Bumping My Head!

Sam’s comics have been published in Canada, the USA and Europe. Find out more at www.the23rdstory.com.

Finn Lucullan

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

We’ve still got some bios to share with you today! Starting today off right is Finn Lucullan:

Finn Lucullan is an agender creator and illustrator from Calgary, AB. They enjoy finding collaborative, multimedia projects and rubbing their queer little hands over every genre they can find. They are currently working onCrash and Burn Comic, a queer space opera webcomic, found at cb-comic.com. Connect with them on Twitter @khialest or at the festival on June 4th!

Christian Frederiksen

PanelOne Calgary's photo.
Christian Frederiksen is co-creator of Hymn Graphic Novels, a collaboration project created to produce short experimental graphic novels, with a focus on quality illustrations and unconventional stories. Christian is responsible for making Luska the Gypsy Puppet,The Last City, and Psychogenic Cat Fever.

Nathan Millar

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Nathan Millar lives in Calgary, AB, with his lovely wife Stefanie and son Grady. He’s the artist and co-creator of Where She Walks, has done colors for Indie space-romp Futility, and is currently launching Jack Shackleton and the Heroic Age of Galactic Exploration. Loves chinese food, specifically fat noodles and satay.

Chad Colpitts

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Meet Chad Colpitts, another one of the talented local creators who will be joining us at the festival on June 4th.

Hi future friends and/or enemies. I’m a independent comic book writer, who’s fairly new to the scene. I haven’t done much yet, besides writing and publishing my independent comic The Streaker.

The Streaker is a heroic tale of a glowing naked man. Don’t worry – he’s not a pervert, he’s only naked because his radioactive skin burns everything he touches. Since the poor guy can’t wear clothing he hides out in a nudist colony. Eventually to his dismay he streaks down a path of crime fighting and justice serving.

Thanks to the fantastic art of Matt Garbutt (his actual name, amazing right?) The Streaker is brought to you in a perfect, cartoony, non creepy style. The writing is decent too, I guess. So far issue 1 and 2 of The Streaker has been released, and 3 will be out very soon. Enough about that freak though. I am also working on some projects with some beyond talented Calgary artists, and hope to have those out next year or sooner. So keep your eyes open, I promise they will have less nudity. Thanks for taking your time to read this drivel and I hope to see you all June 4th.


PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Hailing from the farthest reaches of the rural Alberta prairies, meet smalltown dorks turned big city nerds, Rick Overwater & Cam Hayden who will be repping the Hillbilly Sci Fi series, Futility featuring our fearless hero, Red Hayes! Lost in space after an ill-fated attempt to beat Apollo 11 to the moon Red must fight his way through slime, goop, slop, sludge & filthy, disgusting, naked cave people to return to the family he left behind! Hot off the presses is issue #4 which finds Red caught in the middle of a battle between smelly Sasquatch hordes! Also available will be some of the other crap Rick & Cam have been churning out, Western Horror anthologies, Comics about farts, Comics about stupid rock bands, and whatever else they don’t forget to pack!

Travis Sengaus

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Travis Sengaus is a Calgary based comic book artist, he has worked on projects for a few different publishers over the years, including IDW, McFarlane Entertainment and even Marvel. His self-published book “Big Hitters” is available through comixology, and is currently working on his favorite pet project “Reverse The Curse” release date TBH. His website is at travissengaus.com

Joshua Miller

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Joshua Miller has been making internet content and giving it away for over 10 years. Starting with webcomics, ScudsWorth.com has grown rapidly over the past 20 months to include audio content (both music and podcasts) as well as video content.
Online now are a “Slice of Life” series Gamers Are People Too, a supernatural comedy called The Department of Abnormality, a series about a band selling their souls called The Irate Titans, and two Parody Miniseries, Ron Swanson: Headmaster of Hogwarts and Nux’s Lovely, Lovely Day.

Eric Dyck

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Eric Dyck is a cartoonist living & working in Lethbridge! His comic strip, Slaughterhouse Slough, explores the history, vegetables, critters, and people of his new Southern Alberta home. Eric’s comic stories are developed from research, interviews and eavesdropping. Eric also teaches cartooning & comics classes for children and youth, and his freelance illustration work can also be found in magazines, coffee shops, farmer’s markets, and city hall. Eric has also served as the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery’s Cartoonist in Residence in 2015 and 2016, drawing his eavesdropping comics live, in front of his eavesdroppees. Eric hosts the Lethbridge Drink & Draw, which is an opportunity for young artists and doodlers to hang out with experienced illustrators and comickers. In 2015, Eric curated “Slaughterhouse Slough: The Colouring Book”, an all-ages colouring book featuring some of his favourite Southern Alberta artists. In May, Eric released his fifth mini-book collection of comics, “Slaughterhouse Slough: Back to the Bible Bill Hour”, featuring everyones favourite Depression era demagogue, Premier William Eberhart.

Low Five

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Low Five is a productions company that focuses on comics, video shorts, and other media. Formed by art grads across Calgary’s illustrious post secondaries and one business grad, Low Five dedicates itself to delivering either great stories or great laughs, and sometimes both! Currently, we produce four primary comics: Broken Wing, A Little Off the Top, Iron Hands McGee, and Shift. The Comics span from giant fighting robots to superheroes and everything in between!

Darren LaRose

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Our next creator bio is Darren LaRose:

Darren is a lifelong comics fan, who has recently decided to try is hand at creating. His first (web)comic “The Hag and Other Nightmares” will launch the same day as the Panel One Comic Creator Festival, and will chronicle Darren’s own terrifying nocturnal experiences with nightmares, sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. Readers will get to see young (and old) Darren be repeatedly traumatized by his own brain on a weekly basis!”

Check out “The Hag and Other Nightmares”, launching June 4, 2016, athttp://www.nightmarecomic.com

Stacey Bru

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Stacey Bru is a zinester and comic book artist recently arrived from Lethbridge AB. Best known for her autobiographical comic zine, Anxiety Comics, Stacey has self published over a dozen zines and instructional guides over the last few years. Her work has been featured in Broken Pencil magazine, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, and on bitchmedia.org.

She will be debuting two new zines at the Comic Creator Festival: Gwenn, a ghost story comic, and Crepes, an illustrated recipe zine about making floppy french food.
Alongside her illustrative work, Stacey teaches zine classes all over Southern Alberta, and has a passion for drawing with likeminded folks at the Indie Comic Coffee Klatch, a bi-weekly comic making group in Calgary.

Check out her class at the show, or stop by her booth for a mini-comic and nice chat. She accepts money, food, and comic books as payment.

Renegade Arts Entertainment

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Canmore’s Renegade Arts Entertainment publishes comics and graphic novels, including award winning and bestselling titles. Our books feature key moments of Canadian history brought to life through engaging stories, plus great sci-fi, fantasy, horror, adventure and humour comics. Our collaborators include world renowned artist and writers as well as new Albertan and Canadian cartoonists. Current titles include Lovern Kindzierski and John Bolton’s acclaimed Shame trilogy, Alan Grant and Claude St. Aubin’s The Loxleys and the War of 1812, Arctic Comics featuring Michael Kusugak, Nicholas Burns and George Freeman, and Robbie Burns Witch Hunter from Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Tiernen Trevallion.

Kelly Tsvahl

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Like so many other talented creators with Panel One, Kelly Tsvahl has been creating art every since she could properly hold her pencil. She is best known for her webcomic, Under the Dead Skies, a zombie/horror comic which started in 2012 and is still ongoing today. Fans of Pacific Rim, Undertale and Silent Hill have very likely seen her work as well as she has been published in fan run art books, anthologies, and even a tarot card deck~

Toni Harrison

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Toni Harrison writes and edit comic books! He will be featuring and selling “Tales From Atopos” at this year’s Panel One Comic Creator’s Festival .”Tales” is an anthology comic made up of four short stories he wrote inspired by Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, and 2000 AD’s Future Shocks. Think old school horror comics with some meaningful life lessons thrown in. You can get a sneak peak at the anthology by checking out toniharrisoncomix.tumblr.com

Laura Marie Madden

PanelOne Calgary's photo.

Here’s one more bio for you to enjoy, from Laura Marie Madden 🙂

Qarakorshaq is a fairy tale–or at least, heavily inspired by them. Young Nikita moves to a new home, and is drawn away from the safety of his mother by supernatural forces and his own fear and curiosity. But of course, Siberia is not France, and the world is very different on the monster-riddled steppes. Friends and foes are chasing him down, and as the sun sets on these unfamiliar lands, Nikita has to find his way home in one piece.
Laura Marie Madden is a cartoonist from Southern Alberta heavily inspired by monsters and fairy tales. She’s a recent ULeth fine arts graduate, and hopes to dedicate more time and creativity to Qarakorshaq and other fantasy-inspired comic work.

  • Workshop information

SO! You’ve seen bios of some of the talented people who will be at this fantastic debut festival on Saturday – now it’s time for some workshop information! We have a full day planned, and hope to see you there 🙂

Graphic Recording Workshop by Sam Hester

Visuals promote learning and engagement! That’s the idea behind graphic recording, a worldwide discipline that’s gaining popularity here in Alberta.

Graphic recorders and graphic facilitators create compelling visual maps of live events that draw in your eye and make you want to learn more!

Learn some basic visual notetaking skills from local practitioner Sam Hester. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional artist or can’t draw stick people – this is truly for everyone. Whether you’d like to learn about working in this field, or you’re wondering how your organization might be able to use this tool, this unique workshop is for you!

For more about graphic recording, see Sam Hester’s website:www.the23rdstory.com

Makin’ Comics! with Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson, artist of Wolf Hands and Fight Comics!, takes you through his comic makin’ process, from script to pencils to colours to publishing! Using writing and visual examples from past work, it’s a crash course in how to make your dreams of making comics a reality, or provide some insight on how to tighten up your current process. Filled with hot tips and cheap laughs, this workshop is intended to educate and inspire to get everyone makin’ comics in their own special way!


Mini Zine Workshop with Stacey Bru

During the 45 minute mini-zine workshop, you will learn how to format, fold, and copy 2 different types of mini zine! This class also features a variety of topics, including but not limited to: distribution, binding methods, and zine history! Stacey and her assistant, Trevor, will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process! All you need to bring are your ideas and any special art supplies you may wish to use. Paper, pens, and staples will be provided.


Cover Composition with Riley Rossmo

One more workshop to tell you about 🙂 And don’t worry – times will be up in the next day or so, we’re just setting all that in stone. In the meantime –

Cover Composition with Riley Rossmo!

“Your cover matters.” So says Seth Godin regarding books, going on to say that if the cover didn’t matter, you could simply email the story out to readers. Of course in comics and graphic novels, the art is the story just as much as the words are and the cover is no exception. A good cover can catch someone’s eye, but a great cover can draw someone in to the story at a glance.

Using inking brushes and washes, Riley will open artists up to the creative challenge of cover composition. Over the hour, attendees will have the opportunity to work closely with Riley on their own piece. Riley’s work includes Constantine: The Hellblazer, Drumhellar, Rasputin and recently, Batman #52.


  • Panel Discussions

We are pleased to announce the schedule of workshops and panels that will be taking place this Saturday at the Panel One Comic Creator Festival! Come on down to Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association and join us for some of these exciting events!


1:00 – 2:00pm Graphic Recording Workshop with Sam Hester

2:30 – 3:30pm Mini Zine Workshop with Stacey Bru

4:00 – 5:00pm Makin’ Comics with Nick Johnson

5:30 – 6:30pm Cover Composition with Riley Rossmo


13:30-14:30 – Comics & Criticism: The dialogue between creators
and their readers hosted by Jason Mehmel

What are the roles of reviewers, critics and academics as it relates to being a comics creator? Discussion will differentiate between what is useful criticism and what isn’t, as well as the current landscape of criticism.

15:30-16:30 – Plot vs Theme hosted by Joey Gruszecki & Ryan Ferrier

Should you focus on weaving a greater meaning into your story, or leave that up to the reader? How can different types/formats of comics affect the plot and the theme? Come chat with some of Panel One’s talented creators about the task and art of writing comics.

17:00-18:00 – Superheroes: Bridge or Barrier to new readers?
hosted by Jason Mehmel

The superhero story is the backbone of the current comics business model, often the gateway for many of its current creators and readers, and connected to the huge pop culture movie machine! Yet the substantial history of these characters can often dissuade new readers. We’ll discuss how to engage (or not) as a creator in the genre, as well as cover the appeal and issues surrounding superheroes.

Please feel free to share this post and connect with us using the hashtag #P1CCF – cheers!
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