Creator Profile: Laura Marie Madden

Name: Laura Marie Madden

Type of Creator: Artist and writer


List of Your Work:

Qarakorshaq ( [1]), a webcomic about monsters chasing children and mothers chasing monsters.

Contact Information:


Tumblr: [2];

Twitter: @radicalestes

and lauramariemadden on Behance and Instagram.

What was the first comic you read?

French Tintin back in elementary school.

What do you like about comics?

The combination of words and visual language and imagery; I especially love the framing of moments within panels, and the space created outside.

What is the most important thing people need to know about comics?

It’s a medium, not a genre.

What comic would you recommend to a first-time reader?

Super Mutant Magic Academy, or Hawkeye (Matt Fraction), if you want to start in superhero serials.

What media do you work with?

For Qarakorshaq, it’s all digital, and it’s all Photoshop Elements. That’s what I use for all my digital work. Traditional-wise, I like pens and ink: cheap brushes and India ink or watercolour, faber-castell pens, ballpoints…

Do you listen to music when you work?

Sometimes I build soundtracks for a specific scene or character, other times I just play instrumental music and video game tracks.

Future projects you are working on:

Right now, I have big projects on the backburner you can see development and inspiration for on my Tumblr; I hope to get Bristow County rolling in the next couple years, while Fox and Swan will be a while yet. I’m also writing some scripts for comics about a women’s hockey team, and playing with a story about dinosaur high fantasy.

Unlikely Inspiration:

Movies and cinematography. I like to freeze frame movies and study their visual make up. Alternately, the movement and emotion of ballet!

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