Creator Profile: Jason Mathis

Name: Jason Mathis

Type of Creator: Artist, Writer

List your work:

All You Can Eat Vol 1., Issues 1-5 (artist/writer, self-published)

All You Can Eat Vol 2., Issues 1-2 (artist/writer, self-published)

Comics and Copyright, (artist w/Ronan Deazley, printed in conjunction with the University of Glasgow)

Conversation, 4 page short story (artist/writer, reprinted in the recent successful Kickstarter for Prairie Comics Zine)

School of the Damned, Issues 2-4 (artist, distributed by Vital Publishing)

Strangest Thing, 1 page short story (artist/writer, reprinted in This magazine)

Contact Information:

You are stranded on a desert island, you must have:

Which 3 Comics? Daredevil: Born Again, Y: The Last Man, WE3
Which 3 Albums?
  Sloan: Between the Bridges, Beta Band: The 3 EPs, The Stone Roses
Which 3 Movies? The Big Lebowski, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Amadeus
Which 3 Foods? Hamburger, Pakora Lamb Schwarma
Which 3 TV Shows? Arrested Development, The Bridge, Fargo
Which 3 People? Eve Goodwin, Vincent Deighan and Neil Garvey


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