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Name: Darren M. LaRose

Type of Creator: Artist/Writer

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The Hag and Other Nightmares (upcoming)

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Twitter: @darrenlarose


What was the first comic you read?

My Grandparents had a number of old Disney comics, so one of those was probably it. The first comic I remember reading was Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, featuring Spider-Man and Alpha Flight. Unfortunately I was six, so I thought it would be a good idea to “improve” the art by adding eyeballs on Spidey, and drawing lots of extra web-lines. I still have it (minus the cover) around somewhere.

What inspired you to make comics? A specific story? Writer? Artist?

Like many kids my age, the McFarlane run on Amazing Spider-Man blew my mind, and was what started me drawing. I never cared for the rest of the Image crew strangely enough. Only McFarlane.

Later on the Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee Inhumans mini-series opened my mind to the possibilities of the medium.

What do you like about comics? What is it about them that interests you? Inspires you? Moves you?

Comics are visual storytelling unconstrained. Television and film are limited by budgets, technology, actors, etc.. Comics have none of those limitations, if you can imagine it, you can realize it on the page.

As Neal Adams said “If you put the best artist in the world, with the best writer in the world, they would make the greatest piece of art in the world. And do you know what they would call it? The comic book.”

What is the most important thing people need to know about comics?

Comics are a medium, not a genre. There is something for everybody.

What comic would you recommend to a first-time reader?


As an artist, what medium do work in? Pencils? Ink? Digital?


As a writer, pen or keyboard?



The Gap: My taste still largely exceeds my grasp.

If you had to pick one comic as a favourite, what would it be?

I grew up as a Marvel guy, but if I’m honest, my all time favourite comic is Kingdom Come, by Waid and Ross. It’s pretty much perfect, and I love it as a response to the 90s dark ages of comics.

What is the:

Most romantic comic you’ve ever read?

Sex Criminals

Most exciting comic you’ve ever read?

Tough one, but probably Transmetropolitan. It’s just brimming with manic energy.

Most Inspirational?

It’s cliched, but Amazing Fantasy 15. Runner up is Amazing Spider-Man 33.


Sex Criminals


Pretty much anything by Junji Ito

Most moving?

I’m going to get made fun of for this, but the “Death of Farley” storyline in the daily newspaper strip “For Better or For Worse” by Lynn Johnson. Beloved pets dying just guts me. I don’t
think I’ve been so affected by any other piece of art, ever.

Who is your favourite comic character?

Gotta go with Spidey.

What is the natural talent you’d like to be gifted with and why?

Fearlessness would be handy. Fear is always what holds me back.

What three words would you use to describe your work?

Slowly getting better.

What is your favourite place to go in Calgary?

Tie between Alpha Comics (though I’ve been really bad at picking up my file. Sorry Chris!) and Sentry Box

Future projects you are working on/would like to work on:

I’ve got some ideas. I’d like to get this current project finished first though.

Unlikely inspiration?

Rocky Balboa

You are stranded on a desert island, you must have:

Which 3 comics?

Assuming we get the whole run:

  • Kingdom Come
  • Transmetropolitan
  • Hellblazer

Which 3 albums?

  • Back in Black – AC/DC
  • Metallica – Metallica
  • Document – R.E.M.

Which 3 movies?

  • Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • A Mighty Wind

Which 3 foods?

  • Sushi
  • Spaghetti
  • Burgers

Which 3 television shows?

  • The West Wing
  • Doctor Who
  • Friday Night Lights

And which 3 people would you be happy to be stranded with?

Kyra & Oliver & TBD

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