Creator Profile: Chad Colpitts

Name: Chad Colpitts

Type of Creator: Publisher and Writer

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List your work:
The Streaker (the first in hopefully a long list of projects)

Contact Information


Twitter: @streakercomics


What was the first comic you read?

Can’t remember, but no doubt I loved it.

What inspired you to make comics? A specific story? Writer? Artist?

Honesty I just had an idea for one, and decided to give it a try.

What do you like about comics? What is it about them that interests you? Inspires you? Moves you?

I love that comics have zero restrictions in regards to the writer’s/artist’s vision. They don’t have to worry about expensive sets or CGI, if the artist can draw it can be done. This allows for some of the most eye popping, mind blowing, breath taking scenes you’ll every see and could possibly never see in a movie.

What is the most important thing people need to know about comics?

They are not just for kids! Comics have some of the best thought-out, original and gripping plots. Don’t miss out just because you think you’re a grown-up.

What comic would you recommend to a first-time reader?

Batman: Court of Owls and City of Owls

As a writer, pen or keyboard?

Keyboard. I hold pens weird which causes my pinky to drag and blister. Having said that I type horribly too. I hen peck, and I’m ashamed.

Do you have a set work space? Where?

I have a desk in an office, in my house. Very grown-up I know.

Do you listen to music when you work? Other background noise?

Yes, normally instrumental and ELO.


I get distracted very easily, and sometimes it takes a while to get into the zone.

If you had to pick one comic as a favourite, what would it be?

Can’t be done.

What is the:

Most romantic comic you’ve ever read?

Sin City: The Hard Goodbye

Most exciting comic you’ve ever read?

Aren’t they all exciting?

Most Inspirational?

The Man-Thing #12 Song-Cry of the Living Dead Man!


Every Deadpool ever



Most moving?

I don’t know about moving, but I was very choked up after reading issue 44 of the ongoing TMNT.

Who is your favourite comic character?

Deadpool, Howard the Duck, or Man-Thing. I can’t choose. Forgive me.

What is the natural talent you’d like to be gifted with and why?

Ability to draw, because then I could draw some of the comics I write.

What three words would you use to describe your work?

Fun, exciting, and naked

What is your favourite place to go in Calgary?

Toss up between Alpha Comics and Scotiabank Chinook Theatre.

Future projects you are working on/would like to work on:

“Owner of Justice” with a great Calgary artist. Don’t jinx it.

Unlikely inspiration?

Steve Gerber

You are stranded on a desert island, you must have:

Which 3 comics?

It’s impossible to choose just 3. I’ll cheat. Howard the Duck Omnibus, The Man-Thing Omnibus, and any issue of the new ongoing TMNT but #44. That is way too sad!

Which 3 albums?

The Wall, Hotel California, and The Marshall Mathers LP

Which 3 movies?

Die Hard, Big Lebowski, and Ghostbusters

Which 3 foods?

Shepards Pie, Skittles, and Hot Dogs

Which 3 television shows?

The X-Files, Friends, and Seinfeld

And which 3 people would you be happy to be stranded with?

Mikey, Leo, and Donnie. Raph is too much of a buzzkill. But of course I’d trade any of them for my wonderful girlfriend Megan.

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