Creator Profile: Achiru et al

Name: Achiru et al

Type of Creator: Independent Individual


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What was the first comic you read?

Garfield and Dragonball Z

What inspired you to make comics? A specific story? Writer? Artist?

Rumiko Takahashi and CLAMP who were both very prolific creators.

What do you like about comics? What is it about them that interests you? Inspires you? Moves you?

Comics are a very challenging medium to work in. Some lean more towards being an illustrated novel, with pretty pictures and lots of narrative or descriptive text. Some lean more towards being a silent film with only pictures. Some hit a great sweet spot that weaves text and images seamlessly. They can be both beautiful to look at and tell really great stories. It’s like having an animated film you can dissect at your own pace like a book but with lots of pretty artwork and details to study.

What is the most important thing people need to know about comics?

There are so many different genres and styles! They are very time consuming to produce! Please support your favourite creators any way you can!

What comic would you recommend to a first-time reader?

Full Metal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

As an artist, what medium do work in? Pencils? Ink? Digital?

Pencil and digital. I like the look of mixing traditional and digital, getting the best of both worlds.

As a writer, pen or keyboard?

Both. Sometimes I get an idea in the middle of the night and need to write it down with pen on paper. I always keep a notebook journal next to my bed. Otherwise it’s easier to compile scripts in a keyboard because you can copy and paste scenes into different sequences as changes and edits occur.

What’s the first thing you do when you sit down to work? Do you have a routine?

I put in at least two hours a day unless some special or emergency event comes up, like conventions! I like to work scene by scene, so I might be drawing for a week to finish all 12 or 20 pages, then be colouring for a month or two.

Do you have a set work space? Where?

I have my desktop setup in my office.

Do you listen to music when you work? Other background noise?

Sometimes I like listening to Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, DBZ Abridged or Escaflowne Abridged while I work. Usually I work in silence.



If you had to pick one comic as a favourite, what would it be?

Scott Mcloud’s “Understanding Comics”

What is the:

Most romantic comic you’ve ever read?

Cardcaptor Sakura, Magico and Pucca: What’s Yours is Mine (by LittleKidSin)

Most exciting comic you’ve ever read?

Tower of God & Shaman King

Most Inspirational?

Otoyomegatari (A Bride’s Story) and Dumbing of Age (a webcomic)


Sfeer Theory (Just Luca), Fail by Error, Humon Comics and Sarah’s Scribbles


Loveless was getting creepy until the mangaka went on hiatus. Not a fan of the horror genre in general.

Most moving?

Fullmetal Alchemist & Brick by Brick (by Stephen McCranie)

Who is your favourite comic character?

Xelloss from Slayers, though he’s technically a novel and anime character too.

What is the natural talent you’d like to be gifted with and why?

I am gifted at storytelling and drawing, that’s why I’m making comics.

What three words would you use to describe your work?

Whimsical, philosophical and cute.

What is your favourite place to go in Calgary?

My house. I’m an introvert like that.

Future projects you are working on/would like to work on:

Unspoken: the story of a boy chased off a cliff by a dragon

Unlikely inspiration?

Life events, usually family and dating experiences.

You are stranded on a desert island, you must have:

Which 3 comics?

  • Dumbing of Age
  • Namesake the webcomic
  • Otoyomegatari

Which 3 albums?

  • The Best of Slayers (Various Artists, Megumi Hayashibara)
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Best Song Book
  • Steven Universe All Seasons Soundtrack

Which 3 movies?

  • Piano no Mori
  • Big Hero 6
  • Zootopia

Which 3 foods?

Rice, eggs and soy sauce: easiest meal to prep on a budget.

Which 3 television shows?

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Green Lantern the Animated Series
  • Princess Tutu

And which 3 people would you be happy to be stranded with?

My parents and my sister; we love being a fam!

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