Creator Profile: Alexander Finbow

Name: Alexander Finbow

Type of Creator: Publisher & Writer.

Alexander finbow pic calgary expo 2014

Notable works:

  • The Loxleys and the War of 1812. Written by Alan Grant & Mark Zuehlke. Art by Claude St. Aubin & Lovern Kindzierski. Double award winner and Canadian bestseller.
  • The Shame Trilogy. Written by Lovern Kindzierski. Art by John Bolton.
  • Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter. Written by Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby. Art by Tiernen Trevallion.
  • Dept. of Monsterology. Written by Gordon Rennie. Art by PJ Holden.
  • Channel Evil. Written by Alan Grant. Art by Shame Oakley.
  • Shades of Grey. Written by Alexander Finbow. Art by William Simpson, Jamie Grant & Lovern Kindzierski.
  • Blood Light. Written by Alexander Finbow. Art by Al Davison.
  • The Loxleys and Confederation. Written by Mark Zuehlke, Alexander Finbow & Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair. Art by Claude St. Aubin & Chris Chuckry.
  • Underworld. Written by Lovern Kindzierski. Art by David Ross & Chris Chuckry.
  • Tales of the Buddha. Written by Alan Grant. Art by Jon Haward & Jamie Grant.
  • Redcoats-ish. Cartoons by Jeff Martin.

Contact Information:


Twitter: @RenegadeArtsEnt

What was the first comic you read?


What inspired you to make comics? 

The need to move people.

What do you like about comics?

I used to say that comics were the closest print media to movies. I now know that comic book stories have their own unique qualities that when properly harnessed give them their own power.

What is the most important thing people need to know about comics?

They are an awesome way to enjoy a great story, quickly compared to prose.

What comic would you recommend to a first-time reader?

Depends on interests and age. Saga, Ms. Marvel, Sex Criminals, The Loxleys and the War of 1812, Yotsuba&!

As a writer, pen or keyboard?

Pen for notes. Keyboard for scripting. Editing, first on paper, then revisions are done on the Mac.

What’s the first thing you do when you sit down to work? Do you have a routine?


Do you have a set work space?

Usually it’s at the standing desk in the studio.

Do you listen to music when you work?

Always music. Usually movie soundtracks, or Muse.


The battle between the writer and the publisher rages on.

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